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The Amazing Electronic Flashing Neckerchief Slide is a one-of-a-kind electronic neckerchief slide kit that will wow your friends. It was conceived, designed, programmed, packaged, and is now sold by a Boy Scout.

The Amazing Electronic Flashing Neckerchief Slide will help you learn many basic concepts and skills of electronics as you assemble the kit. The assembling of the kit will help you with the successful completion of requirements #3 and #4 of the Electronics Merit Badge.

The Amazing Electronic Flashing Neckerchief Slide is an electronics kit you can assemble that will do the following:

  • Wow your friends with one of the coolest neckerchief slides around
  • Flash Morse code for SOS, CQ CQ de a boy scout (which, in ham radio speak, means “Calling anybody, from a boy scout”), the Boy Scout Slogan, the Boy Scout Motto, the Boy Scout Oath, and the Boy Scout Law.
  • Buzz Morse code for the messages listed above.
  • Serve as an emergency beacon, repeatedly flashing SOS with red lights.
  • Serve as a flashlight to help light your way or aid in finding things in your tent or pack
  • Did we already say this neckerchief slide will wow your friends? It will.

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This is a great little kit that comes with everything you need to build the Amazing Electronic Flashing Neckerchief Slide. Complete instructions included.

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Maybe you don't want to assemble The Amazing Electronic Flashing Neckerchief Slide kit. That's OK. We can provide it to you already assembled. Batteries are included.

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This kit comes with complete detailed instructions that will help you successfully complete this project.

Additional step-by-step instructions, with more pictures, can be found here.


You can email us at


The finished kit

Neckerchief slide on the neck

Schematic & Layout

A picture of the schematic

A picture of the board layout


The code used for the microcontroller can be found here.


Version 0.1
A picture of the breadboarded version.
This was the first version that I built. It is on what is known as a breadboard. It is being controlled by an Arduino Duemilinove. This is what I used to make sure the code was right.
Version 1.0
A picture of the perfboard version.
This is the first wareable version. It is built on a perfboard, or a board with evenly spaced holes and copper pads that isn't designed for a specific use.
A picture of the perfboard version's back.
Here is the back. I just taped on a pipe clamp to test the size.
A picture of the perfboard version's wiring.
Because the board didn't have all of the right connections I had to use point-to-point wiring. I used magnet wire to connect the leads on the back of the board to where they needed to go It wasn't as easy as I thought it should be.
Version 1.2
A picture of the Version 1.2.
This was the first production version. There were several things wrong with it, designer error mostly, but most notably the batteries were backwards which casued shorting so we put little paper strips to insulate. The button was also wired incorrectly.
A picture of the Version 1.2 back.
This is where you can really tell that the button is bad. I had to cut some of the traces on the front and then use point-to-point wiring on the back to fix it. This board measures 2.5" x 3" so it's a half an ince taller than the current versions.
A picture of the Version 1.2 copper.
Instead of using silkscreen on the back, all of the text is in copper. This didn't turn out as cool as I thought it would be and it's a little hard to read.
Version 1.3
A picture of the Version 1.3 front.
I redisigned the layout so the board is now 2" x 3". This fit better on the large panels. This was another expensive mistake. The button didn't work again because of designer error.
A picture of the Version 1.3 back.
I cut traces again and rewired the button. Lesson learned.
Version 1.4
A picture of the Version 1.4 front.
This is the current version. It all works right the first time, thankfully.
A picture of the Version 1.4 back.
Notice no extra wires on the back. Sweet!
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