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About Us
We are a design and engineering firm, eager for just about any work, and willing to sell just about anything (as long as it is legal, and something that is of value, and designed and built with quality in mind). We like to enjoy our work, and like to see our customers enjoy their products and purchases.

We are a 24/6 internet company. Yes, you read that correctly. We believe in resting on Sunday and focusing on church and family.

We want to become multi-millionaires (for all the right reasons), but we are quite happy as it is now, just getting by. Rest assured, we will always treat you openly, honestly, and fairly. We hope you will treat us the same. Now, let's do some business.
Isaiah Young - Isaiah is cool. A few people call him "Zay" for short, hence the name, Zayco Unlimited. Isaiah is really quite brilliant too. He is always thinking, hence the "Unlimited." But, he is also well rounded, and well read.

Isaiah left in July 2013 for a two year mission to Chile for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and returned home in June of 2015.

He wants to be a robotics engineer. He recently graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in mechanical engineering. Isaiah puts being nice to people above just about everything else. He is a great guy.
Jack Young - Jack is Isaiah's dad. He is pretty cool too. He has been a farmer and sheep herder. He has designed and built dairy barns. For a short time he even worked as an international agricultural consultant (wow!). For more than the past 20 years he has worked in the computer industry as a software interface designer/engineer. He is also trying to "bankroll" Isaiah's company.

When he gets older he wants to write a few children's books and a couple of novels. He also wants to design and develop a few products that will change the world. In the meantime he'll be content working in the garden and sitting in the breezeway drinking lemonade.
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